Dear friends,

We welcome you to the two-day Festival on Mental Health organized by Humanlinks on “All the roads lead to Soul”, which will take place in various places of Acropolis, Plaka and Koukaki. This is a great celebration that includes
workshops, lectures, artistic activities, creative work and special workshops for children as well as sports games, aiming with this very joyful atmosphere to remind the citizens of Athens that the issue of mental health is one of the most important parameters of  human life.

“Humanlinks – Ανθρώπινοι Σύνδεσμοι” is a group of people who have been tested in past, at various levels, on mental health issues. The group was set up 13 years ago and, with psychosocial support, they manage to recover as much as possible in key areas of their lives, they learn to take care of themselves, cultivate their relationships and fulfill their dreams. As a team, they develop various activities based on their wishes and interests which they plan and coordinate themselves, thereby enhancing the concept of self-help – the main philosophical foundation of their approach and mode of operation. Recently they created the Civil Non-Profit Association “Humanlinks-Ανθρώπινοι Σύνδεσμοι” in order to acquire institutional status and facilitate the services which they develop, in cooperation with the community and the State.

The idea of the festival resulted from a deeper need and desire of “Humanlinks” to express their gratitude for all they have accomplished so far and present themselves through their activities and achievements by offering in this way the gift of hope and love to those who need it – to communicate with the residents of the above regions, and not only, and return the joy they took themselves from the warm acceptance and hospitality these last years of their operation.

The festival is structured in such a way that all its activities are represented by  all the areas of human activity that people resort to when they need support and consolation to find solutions to their problems or waiting for answers to their deeper questions. In this way, in addition to the knowledge which is bound to be produced, at a second level a creative dialogue can be achieved between those areas, which can only bring benefits, completing each other; because mental health approaches can have a real effect only if allied collaborations work.

Volunteers of humanlinks, with the characteristic nametag of the tree of Love and Serenity, will always be willing and available to inform you and assist in anything you need.

We wish you a wonderful time and get what your “Soul” wishes!

Giorgos Krallis
Humanlinks Group Enhancer
Festival Committee Coordinator
NGO President

“Humanlinks – Ανθρώπινοι Σύνδεσμοι”

We thank the Acropolis Museum, the Dutch Institute of Athens, the Ionic Center for Scientific and Spiritual Education, the Hill School, the cafės Regal, Lotte, Little Tree and Mister100 and the 70th Primary School for honouring us with accommodating our activities, as well as the Athens Bureau of Antiquities and the Municipality of Athens for the concession licenses for the use of streets, for activities devoted to children.

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