The drums awaken the heart of the city, announcing the opening of the Festival. Percussion team walks on central streets inviting residents to celebration.


Photo Exhibition: “Moments and Faces”

Photo Exhibition of Human Links Photo Team


Cultural happenings, creative activities for children and revival of old children’s toys

Organization: 1. School of Life and Education Museum, 2. Art TuTu - Artists Studio


Humanlinks Writing Café Group

Reading texts of Humanlinks and sharing of experience


Basketball match

A friendly match between the Humanlinks Basketball team and the Daddy's Basketball team of Children of 3rd Primary School of Kifissia


Open discussion: “Person, Soul, Society”

"The non-rationales" in John Locke's work. "Science Fiction and Psychiatry: The reason for dystopia (Why prophecy badly?)" "Soul and Autonomy in the thoughts of Cornelius Castoriadis and Michel Lobrot"


Music night

Music band of Humanlinks playing "Ballads, Rock and Others"


Photo Exhibition: “Moments and Faces”

Photo Exhibition of Human Links Photo Team


Workshop “All Roads Lead to The Soul”

"Culture as a mirror but also a medicine of sadness in ancient Greece" "Psychosomatic Afflictions and the Role of Altered/Alternate States of Consciousness in Indigenous Ethnomedical Systems" "Science Observes the Soul" “The Relationship with God as a factor of mental resilience" “Exploring Self-Compassion - Our True Spiritual Nature” "From the trauma to creation: the strange of the soul"


Billiard match, “humanliks vs doctorlinks”

Humanlinks play with their doctors


Lecture – Experiential Workshop: “Psychology and Philosophy in Architecture”

"The agency of buildings, from anthropomorphism to ontological independence" "Discovering the unconscious shell: the user's contribution to the design of his private space"


* Admission to all Festival events is free.
* There will be parallel interpretation of all talks from Greek to English and vice versa.

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