Open discussion: “Person, Soul, Society”

Sep 22, 2018


Netherlands Institute at Athens, 11 Makri Str., Acropolis


Subject: “The non-rationales” in John Locke’s work.
Speaker: Alexandra Konstantakopoulou, Sociologist, Candidate Doctor of Social Policy, Panteion University


Subject: “Science Fiction and Psychiatry: The reason for dystopia (Why prophecy badly?)”
Speaker: Thanasis Mantzaras, author

Psychiatric science as it is mainly presented in the science fiction literature as a dystopian motif. Αnti-psychiatric οptical angle, as it was known in the 1960s and 1970s. A video will be shown, where reading my old essay on dystopias has been adapted to scenes from George Lucas’s dystopian film ”1138” (”Star Wars”). The video was created by Psychiatrist Dionysis Liaros.


Subject: “Soul and Autonomy in the thoughts of Cornelius Castoriadis and Michel Lobrot”
Speaker: George Anastasopoulos, Doctor of Sociology

Coordinator: Lena Koutsika, Graduate of Piano and Harmony, Primary Education Teacher, Group Motivator – Personal Development Advisor


Venue: Netherlands Institute at Athens, 11 Makri Str., Acropolis

  • Thanassis Mantzaras

  • Alexandra Konstantakopoulou

  • George Anastasopoulos

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