Niki Gavala

My name is Niki and I am 53. I suffer from bipolar disorder, or else manic depression. After high-school I was accepted, after successful examinations in the School of Fhilosophy of Athens. At school I liked a lot, the papers in literature, that a professor I loved, ordered us. She really believed in me. Unfortunately all that was united, because I fell ill. I have been occupied in several jobs, but I never engaged my self for long period. Usually, what I always did was to core my sick and vulnerable mother. I like to read, very much watch T. V. films, especially with social content, and I also like to go out with friends for coffee and chat. I also like to take part in sub-groups of the humanlinks, as the “Writers’ Cafe, of Wichita I have the responsibility, to coordinate, with great pleasure. But I most like the Animation and Psychotherapy Group, under the concern of Mr Krallis my therapist.