Humanlinks Writing Café Group

Sep 23, 2018


Cultural Cafe “Aition", 8-10 Tziraion Str., Acropolis

Reading texts of Humanlinks and sharing of experience
Reading: Kostas Baliotis, Panagiotis Antypas, Niki Gavala

Coordination: Ioanna Charalampidou

Venue: Cultural Cafe “Aition”, 8-10 Tziraion Str., Acropolis

  • Constantinos Baliotis


    I am an architect, graduate of the architecture school of University of Patras. Since my student years i have been studying philosophy and architectural theory. One of my favorite hobbies is reading and creating comics.

  • Panagiotis Antipas


    Panagiotis Antipas is a musician and guitarist. He is involved in music from a young age and he is mostly selftaught. Before he started playing the guitar he was playing keyboard. In fact he participated in a school concert playing some songs of classical music. But finally at high school he listened a guitarist of

  • Niki Gavala


    My name is Niki and I am 53. I suffer from bipolar disorder, or else manic depression. After high-school I was accepted, after successful examinations in the School of Fhilosophy of Athens. At school I liked a lot, the papers in literature, that a professor I loved, ordered us. She really believed in me. Unfortunately

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