Open discussion: “Person, Soul, Society”

Sep 22, 2018


Netherlands Institute at Athens, 11 Makri Str., Acropolis

Subject: “The non-rationales” in John Locke’s work.
Speaker: Alexandra Konstantakopoulou, Sociologist, Candidate Doctor of Social Policy, Panteion University

Subject: “Science Fiction and Psychiatry: The reason for dystopia (Why prophecy badly?)”
Speaker: Thanasis Mantzaras, author

Subject: “Soul and Autonomy in the thoughts of Cornelius Castoriadis and Michel Lobrot”
Speaker: George Anastassopoulos, Doctor of Sociology

Coordinator: Lena Koutsika, Graduate of Piano and Harmony, Primary Education Teacher, Group Motivator – Personal Development Advisor

Venue: Netherlands Institute at Athens, 11 Makri Str., Acropolis

  • Thanassis Mantzaras


    Thanassis Mantzaras was born in 1985, at Chalkis, Euboea. His father was a teacher of Mathematics and his mother a housewife. At the age of 6, his family moved to Athens, where he finished the Varvakeion Model School. In the ‘90s decade, he occupied himself with translating and writing, Especially Science Fiction. A crucial moment

  • Alexandra Konstantakopoulou


    Hailing from Patras and raized in Athens, Greece. Graduated from the School of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology of the University of the Aegean. Having completed and received Postgraduate Degree from the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Crete, entitled “Political Analysis and Political Theory” with Direction in “Political Theory and Rights”. In 2014,

  • George Anastasopoulos


    I was born and raised in Athens. I have studied History and Anthropology, and I am a Doctor of the Sociology Department of the Panteion University, where I thought for two years, with emphasis on the cognitive sector of nationalism and social movements. At the course, I worked in the area of communication, while now

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