Theodosios Christodoulakis

Psychiatrist - Psychoanalyst, Director of Psychiatric Clinic "Panagia Grigorousa"

He was born in Athens in 1960. He graduated from the “La sapienza” University and was awarded a Doctor of Medicine in 1985 with his dissertation on “the use of neuroleptic medicines at the third age”. In 1986 he served his military service in the Navy and specialized in diving medicine and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. He served “rural service” at the Psychiatric Hospital of Tripoli.
From 1986 to 1991, he was subjected to individual psychoanalysis, along with his studies of the specialty of psychiatry. In 1994 he received the psychiatric specialty and began working as a psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Clinic “Panagia Grigorousa”. In 1997 he took over the Scientific Directorate of the Psychiatric Clinic “Panagia Grigorousa”.
His area of special interest was, from his specialty period, addiction syndrome and he was the first psychiatrist in the private sector to deal with this field and patients with “double diagnosis”. He has educated mental health scientists in addiction issues, has been writing and has given lectures by introducing to Greece the concept of “chronic disease” for addiction syndrome.
He was president and founding member of the Hellenic Psychoanalytic Study Group (H.P.S.G.). He was an active member of FEDEPSY (European Confederation for Psychoanalysis).He is a member of the Athens Medical Association, the Hellenic Society of Psychopharmacology and the Hellenic Psychiatric Association. Since 2006, he has been a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the works of which he has been involved since 1998. He has participated in research protocols and has published his work in scientific journals. He has been a speaker at Greek and international psychiatric conferences.
He deals with the whole range of clinical psychiatry and has successfully dealt with “tough” cases. Since 1994 he maintains a private practice in the center of Athens.